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To filter or not to filter, that’s the question…in 3D scene reconstruction

The history of science is full of examples of researchers who arrived at the same discovery independently. Unfortunately, this still happens in this information age, thus technological deficiencies are not to blame for this lack of communication between different research communities. Odd as it may sound from outside, I hold that much of this isolation between groups is a side effect of the high level of specialization achieved by modern research, in which a specialized terminology is adopted in which identical ideas may be named very differently in different fields, hardening the mutual exchange of ideas.

Eventually, two of these fields may find how much they had in common and will then learn the best from each other. Such an exciting situation has occurred during the last few years in the high-tech fields of mobile robotics and computer vision, after bringing new life to well-established topographic and photogrammetric methods from the middle of the 20th century, when the world was still witnessing the very first electronic computers. […]

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